In Memoriam


Tovi entered my life on September 16, 1995 and broke my heart on October 14, 2010. From the moment I looked in my little boy's eyes I knew my life was forever changed.

Tovi was my son, my friend, my confident, my cuddling partner, sleeping buddy (under the covers of course), and shared my spaghetti. He loved when I would stay home and have a pajama party. We would watch old movies, actually he would nap on my lap.

There are so many memories of his mischievous ways. Tovi loved to wake me up at 4:00 am by kneading, biting my nose, pulling my hair, and finally knocking over every bottle on the table next to our bed. He always won, I gave him a little loving, he'd purr, fall asleep and I was up! What I would give for a little hair pulling.

My boy was a loving older brother to his sister Mazel, even though she was just a dog. Tovi loved to groom Mazel and they played so well. She still wonders "where oh where can be".

Tovi has crossed over the rainbow bridge. I am sure Sundance was there waiting with outstretched paws. She has put you on her back and you are discovering a place where you are forever young and healthy. Don't worry about mommy, my love. Someday we will look in each others eyes and we will purr together, forever!

I love and miss you with all my heart,
Mommy xxxxxxxx

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