In Memoriam


A Message to Casey Sherman - Thank you for 13 wonderful years

You came into our lives when you were 10 weeks old and the boys were 10, 7 and 6 years old. As a young Lab, you fit right in to the chaos and confusion that was our family life. Within weeks of your arrival, you met your lifelong friend Tucker, the yellow lab. Together you and Tucker would play "Keep-Away", explore the yard and sun bathe.

As time passed, you become our boys' guardian and protector. Your watchful monitoring and corrective barking was always an alert that their rough-housing was becoming too aggressive or their discussion of front yard baseball game "rules" became too loud.

Thank you for helping us raise our wonderful, sweet loving young boys into the men they are today. You watched by the front door as they went off to high school and waited as they increased their outside activities. You were always so happy upon their return and would seek them out to lie next to them. You enjoyed when they played guitar and would listen for hours as they practiced. Recently, you watched as we packed them off to college and waited patiently for their return. We enjoyed our final holiday season together knowing that time was short. Thank you for your sweet loving temperament, funny expressive eyebrows and your love of a good fresh bagel!

We all miss you so much. Goodbye for now dear Casey, until we meet again on the other side of the Bridge.

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