About The Whimsical Pet® Company

We created The Whimsical Pet® Company because of our love for animals and all that they add to people's lives. We know that the whimsical side of animals is a joy to behold. Our goal is simple: To provide you with the "oppawtunity" to "purrrrchase" eye catching unique gifts, "petcessories" and all natural treats for your pets and for the pet lovers in your life.

Our pet product selection is the result of our constant research as well as continuous monitoring by our experienced four legged staff who are all rescues. We rely on the "Good Mousekeeping Paw of Approval" from our canine consultants: Maggie, Zoe, Jessie James, and Ginger Bee as well as our feline feedback department:  Smokey and Shiloh.  Our Lionhead Rabbit, Mocha Latta, always makes sure that we "hop to it", to provide you with the latest in unique products.

We are also painfully aware that there are animals less fortunate than your pets and as a result, we donate a portion of our sales to various animal organizations and shelters. Please spay or neuter your pets.

We would like to dedicate our website to the memory of our beloved pets.  Our dogs: Calli, Shanie, Catie, and Prince Tai Chi. Our cats: Sana, Oliver, and Sambuca and our rabbits: Hope and Phoenix.  They all gave us unconditional love and unbelievable joy.  We know that they are safe and happy and waiting for us on the other side of The Rainbow Bridge.

Beth Carol
Beth Goldin - Co-Owner Carol Rubin - Co-Owner

Please Donate to your Local Animal Shelter and Animal Rescue


Remember, YOUR Pet is part of OUR Family!™